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Community Rules & Regulations

Architectural Control Committee Modification Requests

HOA Bylaws

(Become effective upon the first of the following: the expiration of the Declaration’s Recording Sept 22, 2031; 100 percent of the Lots have been conveyed to Lot Owners, or Declarant relinquishes control)

(Regarding the proposals for the funding of the WH Amenities Package)

Community Standards

HOA Financials

Access to the monthly financial statements is available to homeowners through their personal account on the Sentry Management homeowner portal.

After logging into the Sentry Management homeowner account, select the “Information Center” link from the left sidebar. From the Information Center page, select “Community Information” from the Drawer drop down list and then “Association Financial Information” from the Folder drop down list. Click “Search/Open” to view the list of monthly financial statements.