Amenities Committee

Liaison with Brock Built and the community for the buildout and maintenance of the West Highlands amenities. Responsible for creating rules & regulations for the amenities. Park reservations. Liaison with Finance on amenity expenditures and maintenance.

Architectural Control Committee

Maintains the external quality of our neighborhood. Its function is to evaluate the plans for all exterior modifications (e.g., fence installations, landscaping, alterations, additions, changes, improvements, remodeling, erecting other structures, painting (including repainting with the same color), etc. to ensure compliance with the HOA Covenants and Design Guidelines. The purpose of this review is to preserve the architectural appearance of the Development and to protect the value of our homes. Provides faster flow through on design changes that are within the standards.

Communications Committee

Provides timely updates on community activities, development, and events. Monitors FaceBook and posts relevant information. Creates newsletters. Updates and maintains the West Highland website.

Community Standards Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations for how fines are imposed based on the HOA by-laws and covenants.

Finance Committee

Creates annual budget, monitors revenue, and spending, and establishes threshold for placing accounts in collections.

Security & Parking Committee

Deals with after-action reports from any security issues (calls that come in), security contract, acts as liaison with security vendor, point of contact with security. Participates in APD Zone 1 advisory council meeting. Deals with parking rules, violations, and towing. Parking guidelines, policies, and enforcement. Maintaining proper lighting within community.

Social Committee

Welcomes to HOA members to West Highlands, creates activities & events to bring the community together including a summer block party, holiday lights contest, welcome gatherings for new homeowners. Sets up for HOA meetings & refreshments.