Pool News and Information

The West Highlands HOA Swimming Pool Facility is located at the corner of Odessa Dr. and Drew Dr. near the Heman E Perry Park within the neighborhood. The pool, splash pad, and pavilion provide a place for neighbors to gather and to relax during the late spring and summer months.

Note: The pool will be closed on Mondays during the 2024 season for cleaning and maintenance except on May 27th and September 2nd.

The planned opening date for the 2024 season will be May 18th.

HOA members must register with Sentry Management before receiving their key fob for access to the facility. Both a pool reservation and an active key fob are required to use the pool facility.  Please submit an HOA Pool Application Packet to obtain a key fob and have your account created in the pool reservation system. (Note: Delinquent accounts or pool violations will prevent households from gaining access to the pool. Please check your account balance to make sure your account is current before applying for pool access.)

Once you receive your key fob, please follow the instructions to activate the key fob. To make a pool reservation login to your account at This is a dedicated website for making pool reservations for the West Highlands HOA Pool Facility only. Instructions on how to make a reservation for your household and guests can be found on the Member Dashboard in the Member Documents section of that website.

Maximum of 4 guests per household at a time. Pool rules and policy are strictly enforced.

Key fob replacement requires a fee of $150.00 First make the payment on your account and then resubmit a new pool application for key fob replacement. Once the application is received and payment verified, a replacement key fob will be issued within 10 business days. Once you receive your replacement key fob, please follow the instructions on how to activate the key fob.

Dog Park News and Information

The West Highlands HOA Dog Park is located at the corner of Sanford Dr. and Drew Dr. within the neighborhood. The dog park features separate areas for large and small dogs. Future plans for the dog park include adding fresh water access, seating, and a shaded area nearby.

Common Area News and Information

The West Highlands features Common Areas throughout the neighborhood, including the Heman E Perry Park located at Odessa Dr and Stanfield Ave. Parks and Common Areas are for the private use and enjoyment of West Highlands residents.  Future expansion of additional Common Areas are planned.

(For use with all common areas EXCEPT for Perry Park)